• Toy Airplane

    Air Travel

    Toy airplane: far more interesting than real airplane.

  • Dream job

    Four Years of Mondays

    I don’t support myself from my writing. Sure, I earn royalties. But really I am a depreciating asset. A tax write-off. Do I work? Define work.

  • The Evil Eye

    The Evil Eye

    I am teaching my children a simple fact: the human body is plumbing– what goes in, comes out. Sometimes in violent liquid forms.

  • Equinophobia, an essay on horses and facing fears, by dina koutas poch.


    As a child, I checked the mail at the end of my driveway and a runaway horse charged down the street towards me. I swore off the postal system then and there.

  • Waiting for his sisters to come home

    A lesson in patience for a boy and his mom.

  • Family Travel

    Hawaiian Flight 364

    Purell everything including eyeballs.

  • Connecticut Colors

    You are From Connecticut

    Being from Connecticut is not a conversation opener. When on a first date with a hot person, don’t mention you are from Connecticut, unless you want dead silence.

  • Selfie with Our Garbage Can - dina koutas poch

    Opposite Day

    Every day, flies swarm our kitchen. We love how hungry and assertive they are. How patiently they stare at us on our counter’s edge and atop our wooden cutting boards.

  • Maia doing a fire dance

    Note from a Tooth Fairy

    Do you know how to twirl in the air? My sister is really good at it. I am also learning to speak 27 languages and one of them is dog. (It’s important for fairies to communicate with animals.)

  • crackontheearth

    It Started with the Office Closet

    Being a disorganized adult makes me feel like a bad person. I will be buried in a tomb filled with loosely taped cardboard boxes. My decomposing body will rest next to piles of unwanted college textbooks, CD’s, ethernet cables and a finicky Italian toaster.

  • A Samuel Beckett One Act Play

    A Samuel Beckett One Act Play (What our family does when vacationing in Maui...)

    Posted by Dina Koutas Poch on Sunday, September 13, 2015

    A Samuel Beckett One Act Play

    What our family does when vacationing in Maui…

  • MUFF Scrabble Tiles

    Played Scrabble Last Night and Decided I Am Illiterate

    There are words and then, there are Scrabble words.

  • operating room Dancing

    I play a doctor on TV because I am married to one

    I diagnose all my friends with various mental and physical illnesses. This, I assume, is why I have such few friends.

  • girl scout badge for weaning banner

    No Longer Breast Friends

    I earned a girl scout badge for weaning.

  • Video of me, when I was young and free

    Actually, I never was carefree. That’s just my nature.

  • Olivia doodles

    Boredom at the Hospital

    Our family is quite accustomed to spending time at the hospital.

  • Ants Never Sleep. Neither Do I.

    Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would have to live with or among insects

  • new home ownership

    Home Depot and home ownership go hand in hand.

  • Emily Post on Skis

    My ski outfit is a goose-down, brocade and satin original from the 1892.
    My skis? Elm planks strapped to laced boots. No more toboggans, for me.

  • Sunset in La Jolla

    Twilight in La Jolla

    I loved the sunsets in NYC. The neon lights flickered on as the sky grew darker. In La Jolla, the sky flickers on as the trees grow darker.

  • Shostakovich, that upbeat guy

    Parenting Styles: Me vs. Shostakovich

    Shostakovich really felt things. He didn’t sugar coat them. His symphonies unravel. They are direct, sombre and violent. Just like human civilization. And he wanted you to know that.

  • Animal beards 1

    Living with La Barba

    How can a man’s facial hair stand out anymore yet allow him to keep his day job? Two words: Neck beards.

  • Staycation, Part Three

    It’s only 2 hours until I return home (down the street), but I feel like I am in a recovery room. I can now return home to my kids, rested.

  • Minivan moment with the entire family

    Staycation, Part Two

    Oh, staycation? How could I have questioned you?

  • it's all this baby's fault

    Staycation, Part One

    It is Samuel’s fault, really. He fell ill. And then continued to be sick for days and days and days.

  • My Three Dinner Guests

    When someone asks me the dreaded question: “Who are the three people you would like to invite most to dinner?” it is a no-win situation.

    I feel like an uneducated, narcissistic jerk if I don’t answer: Gandhi, Einstein, or Jesus. You know, people of that ilk.

  • Grammar Police

    I was arrested today by the Grammar Police…

  • Giant hedges in La Jolla

    Still Quoting “My So Called Life?” You Betcha.

    “People are always saying you should be yourself, like yourself is this definite thing, like a toaster. Like you know what it is even.’” — Angela Chase (Claire Danes’s character) from My So Called Life

  • I never tire of this man

    Future Islands performance on Late Night with David Letterman.

  • I Have Magical Breast Milk

    One average Tuesday afternoon, when my breast milk was just sitting around on the counter looking ordinary, forgotten, and partially separated, I heard a sultry man’s voice with an Italian accent: “Bella?”

  • Home Sweet Home

    la jolla, california

  • Faces Japan

    Fox God

    Wish at The Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Japan

  • we did not go skiing

    We Did Not Go Skiing

    “Mama, how can we go higher and faster than this?”

  • Dina Koutas Poch, headshot

    Photo Shoot

    I was advised that I needed a new head shot. The last public image of me is from my book cover, seven years ago.

  • Morning Coffee

    Best way to have your morning coffee, me thinks.

  • American Gothic - horizontal

    Nice Dinner, Explosive Diarrhea

    I had dinner tonight with my husband, David, at Le Petit Cafe in a sleepy beach town in Connecticut. We were the youngest diners by about 90 years.