Note from a Tooth Fairy

Maia doing a fire dance

To sweet, Maia, my very own tooth-child:

I love your tooth. I love your heart-shaped paper. Thank you for sharing them with me. I will take great care of your tooth forever.

I don’t have something for Samuel, but I have put in a request to bring more presents upon my next visit. I did look at his mouth tonight (and almost woke him) but I saw that he has three new teeth!! How exciting. He might be my tooth-child, but too soon to know.

Now about you, Maia! I am so proud of you. Your teeth are sparkling white and very strong. You must eat really healthy. You even smile in your sleep! I think you are very funny, too, but it’s hard to talk to you since you are asleep when I visit.

I have been busy in school in Fairyland. I learned to twirl and race at super speeds today. Do you know how to twirl in the air? My sister is really good at it. I am also learning to speak 27 languages and one of them is dog. (It’s important for fairies to communicate with animals.)

I am not allowed to take photos but I will tell you–shhh!–that I have lavender hair and pink feet. I have my big, golden white wings now as my older wings fell off because I grew so much this past year.

Maia, I send you loads of love and smiles. I hope you have a great day tomorrow with your sister, brother and parents. By the way, your home feels happy to me.


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    • Thank you! I am so excited you are poking around my blog. It’s been a while since I have been public with my writing and it means a to me to know you are checking it out.

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